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Ladengeschäft Bamberg

amberg − that means world cultural heritage, the place where during one millenium Emperors and clerical lords shaped an unique and unrivalled historical and architectural ensemble. An ensemble which as unlike many other German cities Bamberg did not suffer heavy bombing is still boasting its original material and spirit.

Old Bamberg’s skyline is defined by its four-towered gothic cathedral, the dome originally having been consecrated on the initiative of Henry II in 1237. Within the celebrate stone sculpture of an equestrian horseman, on one north pillar of St. George’s choir, (popularly known as ‘Bamberger Reiter’) has become the main attraction for most art-loving visitors. A monument to which only the magnificent tomb of Emperor Henry II himself had to yield, although it was created by Tilman Riemenschneider, the most excellent sculptor of his period. Among the many Renaissance and Baroque buildings the Old Town Hall (‘Altes Rathaus’), the ‘Old Princely Suite’ (‘Alte Hofhaltung’) and new Archbishop’s residence also serve as background for uncountable tourists’ snaps, let alone the labyrinth of small channels and tiny bridges which earned picturesque Bamberg the nickname ‘Franconian Venice’. Wandering nightly through its narrow alleys of framework-buildings with lit windows and doorways one understands that in the late 18th century the German Romantic movement took its outset nowhere but here.

As every corner, every stone are palpable historical and artistic substance it was only consequent that in 1969 Marlene Hartl took residence and founded their art trade company nowhere but here. Today Marlene Hartl − looking back at over 40 years of business experience − is among the eldest in Franconian art trading.

Hartl Kunsthandel holds an internationally prominent position: Their philosophy roots in Bamberg and so their art programme does root in sculpture, particularly medieval to 18th century objects. Their second field of expertise are sculptural creations of French classicism accompanied by historically important garden sculptures, both in marble and sandstone. Elegant French furniture as well as German and international porcelain and superb painting complete this époque’s collection.

Since 1980 Hartl Kunsthandel has been exhibiting at the most important Art Fairs in Germany and is present at shows in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover-Herrenhausen, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich. European institutions and private collectors inland and abroad form to the company’s exclusive clientele, all of them also estimating the dignified and exclusive ambiance of Hartl’s Bambergian show room. Hartl Kunsthandel is seeking and is purchasing art objects on a worldwide scale to be capable of offering their customers the best possible quality and of obtaining for them ‘the’ very special art object. Marlene Hartl is among the exhibitors of the famous Bamberger antiques week (Bamberger Antiquitätenwochen), which every summer is attracting thousands of collectors to the banks of the river Regnitz. Moreover they belong to the founders of the 2009-re-launched Art Fair Munich (Kunst-Messe München), that first held in 1955 is the oldest and most renowned art fair in Germany.