Screen candlestick

Screen candlestick

Gilt ormolu-mounted with blossom tree,
Flowers in hard and soft porcelain;
Shell in Japanese lacquer with gold accents

France, Louis XV period
Measurements: 19cm x 17cm x 21cm

Such elaborate candlesticks are not often to be found in luxury of times. The decor consists of a flowering tree of porcelain flowers, the holder sits on a round shell in Japanese lacquer and gold decoration, behind with handle. The typical fire-fighting hat (spout) is attached at the front.

This was an important utensil, since the blowing out of the candle impurities by spraying wax could mean a fire hazard. The lamp holder is a curved flower, also in this case a function-controlled art form, since such a flower is practically not present in nature.

In spite of the long history of the candlesticks, the plants were first developed in the rococo style to a virtuoso décor, and at the same time they blossomed, as in the case of this Bougeoir de Paravent. It could be installed at the screen before the bed. The shell is a first-class lacquer work.

The overall shape, which is oriented towards the function, is encircled and lined by the decor. This is less an object with decor, but more of an art object with practical value.

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