Louis XV Encrier
Louis XV EncrierLouis XV Encrier

Louis XV Encrier

France, about 1750

gilt and red lacquer «goût chinois»
porcelain Chantilly 

measurements: 33cm x 21cm x 9,5cm


Rococo and chinoiserie blend perfectly in this inkstand. The two lid-covered cups are for ink or Indian ink, to slow down the evaporation process; the open cup contained blotting sand. The stand is a red lacquer work in the Chinese taste (goût chinois), the cups are made from Chantilly porcelain, a soft paste porcelain produced in the town of Chantilly (Oise, Picardy) between 1725 and 1800. The decoration is in the Japanese Kakiemon style and dates the cups to the period of 1725 to 1751, which is supported by the very white (tin-) glazing.



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