Table en chiffonnière
Table en chiffonnière

Table en chiffonnière

Hardwood and softwood body with marquetry in rosewood, sycamore and colored fruitwoods. Marble slab, original gilt bronze fittings

Jean Pierre Dusautoy

( Master 1779 )
stamped: „P DUSAUTOY JME“ France, um 1765



A "table en chiffonière" is a small, easily transportable piece of furniture which became increasingly popular towards the end of the 18th Century. The term come from the

French word "chiffon" denoting a textile, because it was meant to serve as a sewing table for the Lady of the House who kept sewing things and haberdashery, ribbons, bands, and bows in its drawers. This table is very similar to the other Dusautoy piece anf obviously represents a best-­‐selling design.

That the little piece of furniture was used to work at can also be concluded from the divider shelf, which has a recess for the lower legs in order to make a near table-­‐top position possible. There we also find a pullout board. The marble slab (Ariston type) and the bronze railing as well as the lock are original.


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