Fireplace clock

Fireplace clock

Chandelier with clock on fire-gilt bronze base decorated with porcelain figures and flower-tree, porcelain figures

Meissen, around 1750 (models by J. J. Kaendler)

Flower tree with flowers from Vincennes

Clock richly chiselled original work with chain drive
Signed: Jean Warin, Paris (Master 1744)

Measurements: each 28 cm x 20 cm x 12 cm




Here we are dealing with an opulent rococo-extravagance. The holding part is a kind of tree trunk, which grows from a fantasy base, flanked by two candlesticks, decorated with a flower decor of Vincennes and a garden shade with Meissen porcelain figures.


Such elaborate works are rather rare. An important aesthetic decision was to give up the compact form of the usual présentoirs in favor of a light, transparent one Layout.

The staging of the clock reflects on the bucolic, the idealizing shepherds and natural romance (which goes back to Theocrit and later Vergil).
The rural life was idealized and interpreted as an arcadian idyll, the garden at the Herrenhaus was a version of the idealized nature from outside. This is represented in time-typical and artfully perfect way.

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